Search in a client company engaged in IT-business

Investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine searched the IT company on the basis of a court ruling. In the course of this investigative procedure, the officers of the Security Service of Ukraine seized digital media (HDD) and copied digital information from the client’s digital media. Sokolovskyi and Partners Law Firm’s attorneys at law made an objection to the search report, pointing to illegal and technically incorrect copying of digital information and seizure of hard drives by investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine. Later on, this report with objections was used by attorneys at law during consideration of the issue of returning the hard drives by the investigating judge. The information retrieved from digital media by the Security Service of Ukraine was subsequently recognized as invalid evidence. As a result, the hard drives were returned under the ruling of the investigating judge, and the criminal proceeding was closed.


Тетяна Лисовець
Head of Litigation Practice. Senior Partner. Attorney at Law
Іван Балицький
Head of the practice of contingency asset management and bankruptcy. Counsel. Attorney at law
Игорь Шевченко
Legal Innovation Officer, Attorney at Law. Сounsel of IT/IP practice