Sokolovskyi and Partners’ lawyers have the status of attorneys at law or assistants. According to the Constitution of Ukraine and the Law “On the Bar and the Practice of Law”, only attorneys at law may represent clients’ interests in courts. The company’s attorneys at law protect the interests of our clients during court hearings in the first-instance, appellate, and cassation courts, including participation in proceedings at the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.



Commercial disputes:

  • on debt recovery, including fines, penalties, loss from currency inflation, collection of losses incurred by the company due to failure to fulfil a contract;
  • on termination of contracts (agreements), on invalidation of contracts (agreements), on the application of consequences of invalid deeds (return of assets received under the deed);
  • on recognition of title to property (in particular, real estate), recovery of property from illegal possession, reversal of decisions of state bodies or local government in relation to immovable property;
  • on compensation of losses incurred by a business entity;
  • in corporate relations, both among the participants (founders, shareholders, members) of a partnership and between the company and its participant (founder, shareholder, member);
  • on appeal against decisions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • on intellectual property rights.

Administrative disputes:

  • on cancellation of tax assessment notices;
  • on obligation to register a tax invoice, on cancellation of orders of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, in particular, orders on appointment of tax audits, and appeals against tax advice;
  • protection of taxpayers in disputes concerning claims of the bodies of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine on the seizure of assets, suspension of debit transactions on accounts, and collection of tax debts;
  • on cancellation of resolutions and orders of the state controlling bodies;
  • on claims of the state controlling bodies on suspension of activities of business entities.

Representation in general civil courts:

  • in family issues;
  • in labour issues;
  • in hereditary issues;
  • in property issues.

Legal protection in criminal proceedings:

  • Protection of a client’s interests during pre-trial investigation when the investigating judge considers petitions and complaints about decisions, actions or omissions of investigators/prosecutors:
  • Appeal against omissions of investigators/prosecutors about the failure to register information on the crime in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations
  • Appeal against omissions of investigators/prosecutors regarding the return of property seized during searches
  • Appeal against the decision to close criminal proceedings
  • Appeal against the decision of non-recognition of the client as a victim
  • Preparation and submission of petitions to the investigating judge on the cancellation of property seizure
  • Preparation and submission of petitions to the investigating judge on access to things and documents
  • Preparation and submission of petitions to the investigating judge on change of preventive measures for the suspect
  • Protection of client during the trial on the merits of prosecution

Representation of complainants in the European Court of Human Rights:

  • Preparation and submission of petition to the European Court of Human Rights in connection with violation of the rights established by the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
  • Preparation and submission of petition to the Grand Chamber on review of judgement of the European Court of Human Rights

International commercial arbitration. Recognition and enforcement of judgements of arbitration and foreign courts.

  • Provision of conclusions and recommendations on the application of arbitration agreement (arbitration clause)
  • Comprehensive support for arbitration proceedings
  • Proceedings in disputes concerning decisions of international commercial arbitration
  • Proceedings in cases on recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign courts and international commercial arbitration


  • Representation of interests of the collector, the debtor and other participants of the enforcement proceedings
  • Appeal against actions and omissions of the state enforcement officer in court
  • Proceedings in cases of recognition of document unenforceability, renewal of the missing time for submission of enforcement document for action, conclusion of settlement agreement in the course of enforcement, as well as proceedings on other procedural issues related to enforcement of court decisions



Managing Partner, Attorney at law
Head of Litigation Practice, Senior Partner. Attorney at Law
Senior Counsel, Auditor. Attorney at law
Head of the practice of contingency asset management and bankruptcy, Counsel. Attorney at law
Senior Legal Adviser. Attorney at Law
Legal Adviser, Assistant Attorney at Law