Labour and Employment


Properly drawn-up labour relations promote the stability of a company. Sokolovskyi and Partners’ attorneys at law have the necessary knowledge and practical skills to draft labour relations within a company in accordance with the requirements of the law and to resolve the most complicated labour disputes.


Labour law counselling:

  • Clarifications regarding job positions and employment issues, including those related to the employment of foreigners
  • Clarification of the procedure for the application of disciplinary penalties and termination of labour relations with employees
  • Legal audit of internal documents of a business entity in terms of its compliance with the applicable legislation
  • Labour relations restructuring and staff reduction support.[HC1] 
  • Occupational safety-related counselling
  • Due diligence for labour law compliance within the framework of an ongoing M&A
  • Counselling on issues related to employee labour relations, remuneration, employee transfer, and significant changes of labour conditions.

Pre-trial and judicial settlement of labour disputes:

  • Reinstatement disputes
  • Salary recovery disputes
  • Recovery of losses caused to the company by its employees
  • Support in other labour disputes

Support in case of inspections by supervisory authorities for compliance with the labour law:

  • Counselling and support in case of inspections by supervisory authorities for compliance with the labour law
  • Preparation of responses to requests from supervisory authorities within the framework of inspections by supervisory authorities for compliance with labour law
  • Appeals against unlawful actions/omissions of supervisory authorities during inspections
  • Appeals against the results of inspections [HC2] in administrative and judicial proceedings

Drafting internal documents of the company:

  • Labour agreements and contracts, job descriptions and all other necessary documents that regulate the employer’s labour relations with top managers and employees.
  • Internal documents of the company (staffing lists, regulations, etc.).