Family and Inheritance Law


Sokolovskyi and Partners’ attorneys at law have been providing legal assistance in the field of family and inheritance law since 2008. We have protected our clients’ interests in 73 family disputes, assisted in 44 hereditary cases, provided over 80 oral and written consultations, and settled 19 disputes through the pre-trial process.


Family law

  • Marriage contract (both pre- and during marriage)
  • Support during the divorce procedure
  • Deprivation/establishment/recognition of paternity
  • Establishment of the child’s place of residence
  • Establishment of ways of participation by the father/mother in upbringing their child, procedure for communication with the child
  • Division of the spouses’ assets
  • Assets division contract drafting (both during marriage and after the divorce)
  • Alimony for child support
  • Other family disputes

Inheritance law

  • Invalidation of will
  • Deprivation of inheritance rights
  • Renewal of the missed period for acceptance of inheritance
  • Establishment of the fact of acceptance of inheritance and recognition of the entitlement to inherit property
  • Other disputes between heirs.

Other disputes related to family and inheritance law

  • Deprivation of the right to use residential premises, eviction and accommodation
  • Allocation of shares, recovery of monetary compensation for a share; determination of the procedure for the use of immovable property
  • Recovery of alimony for the other spouse
  • Recovery of alimony for a child in age of majority
  • Recovery of alimony for disabled parents