Selection of the Optimal Operational Pattern for the Agrarian Company

The client company – a fast-growing agricultural holding – sought help from Sokolovskyi & Partners, requesting it to draft an expert opinion. The point is that it was necessary to revise the existing scheme of work of the client company due to the problems of the fast-growing agribusiness in Ukraine.

 In addition, the company has significantly increased exports of agricultural products. All this prompted the company’s management board to change the tax system, which resulted in switching from income tax and VAT payment to a unified agricultural tax payment system. In the expert opinion, the lawyers, taking into account the new business volumes of the client and the effective tax law, advised the client regarding the ins and outs and opportunities of agribusiness under the two above-mentioned tax systems. As a result, the client decided to pay a unified agricultural tax. The complexity of this case was the need for in-depth knowledge and experience of lawyers in the area of taxation applied to agricultural companies, as well as taxation of export-import transactions of agricultural products and the very specifics of agribusiness in Ukraine.

Наталья Куриленко
Auditor. Attorney at law. Senior Counsel
Вероніка Данилевич
Senior Legal Adviser. Attorney at Law. Senior Legal Adviser. Attorney at Law