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A strong team of tax attorneys
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In Legal Services since 1999

  • Tax advocacy, tax planning, tax representation, tax disputes, legal assistance during tax checks, appeals of STI decisions
  • Restructuring & Insolvency, optimization of accounts payable and accounts receivable, restore solvency, debt collection
  • Economic disputes, tender laws, contracts, corporate disputes decision
  • Legal assistance of attorneys at law in civil, economic, administrative, criminal proceedings, representation of client’s rights in the European Court of Human Rights
  • Export-import operations counseling, preparation of contract documents, appeal of customs authorities decisions by administrative means and / or juridically
  • Legal assistance during questioning, the defense in the court, appeal of investigator/ prosecutor/ investigating judge actions
  • All-in legal (expert) examination of legal entity business activity in order to determine its fair market prices and the real condition of the assets
  • Support of transactions (M & A) with the analysis of financial, business legal and tax outcome, the choice of the most appropriate legal and economic solutions
  • Development and implementation of anti-corruption programs, the implementation of compliance-procedures, support in the investigation of corruption offenses
  • Consulting on land law issues, the resolution of land disputes, legal assistance to agricultural producers
  • Consulting on employment law, drafting internal documents, attorney’s at law assistance in solving labor disputes, consulting on job safety

Telephones in Kyiv: +38 (044) 495-19-28, 495-19-29



Pro bono

Sokolovskyi and Partners Law Firm has always been socially oriented. We pay great attention to pro bono services.
Attorneys at law of our Law Firm provided a 397 – hour free legal assistance in the form of advice on inheritance, housing, land, family law as well as taxation of individuals last year. Nevertheless, free assistance in our company is not just consultations.

A few years ago we drew attention to the people for whom receiving legal advice was not enough. Almost always they were very elderly people, frightened, those who had no younger relatives who could guide them in the current situation and explain all the details that there are, certainly, in every case. That is, except for legal assistance they needed also a purely human, psychological support. We had no moral right to let such people go from our office without assistance.

We immediately decided that our free assistance will not be limited to advice only. For the sort of people that we have described, it was not enough. So we decided to provide legal assistance in full, i.e. to fully support the case. Consequently, project that is named ‘3 Free legal cases a year’ started in 2009. Nowadays, it includes consultations, preparation of legal documents, evidence collection, legal assistance during interrogation, court hearings and so on.

We have formed a strong team of tax attorneys in our company. And we believe that pro bono work played an important role in the development of our team. Good deeds and belief that we share the same, not only professional, but also universal values, unites us very much.

The words of our managing partner, Vladyslav Sokolovsky, fully reflect the attitude of our staff to the social initiative of the Law Firm ‘Our pro bono practice is very close to my heart, as well as to heart of each company employee. It is enough to imagine some of our relatives at the place those people whom we provide with free legal assistance, so that the question whether it is necessary to do, drops out.

Each of us would like, if, God forbid, he or his family get into a difficult situation and cannot pay for the services, get help from professionals only as a mutual help of one person to the other’.

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