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In Legal Services since 1999

  • Tax advocacy, tax planning, tax representation, tax disputes, legal assistance during tax checks, appeals of STI decisions
  • Restructuring & Insolvency, optimization of accounts payable and accounts receivable, restore solvency, debt collection
  • Economic disputes, tender laws, contracts, corporate disputes decision
  • Legal assistance of attorneys at law in civil, economic, administrative, criminal proceedings, representation of client’s rights in the European Court of Human Rights
  • Export-import operations counseling, preparation of contract documents, appeal of customs authorities decisions by administrative means and / or juridically
  • Legal assistance during questioning, the defense in the court, appeal of investigator/ prosecutor/ investigating judge actions
  • All-in legal (expert) examination of legal entity business activity in order to determine its fair market prices and the real condition of the assets
  • Support of transactions (M & A) with the analysis of financial, business legal and tax outcome, the choice of the most appropriate legal and economic solutions
  • Development and implementation of anti-corruption programs, the implementation of compliance-procedures, support in the investigation of corruption offenses
  • Consulting on land law issues, the resolution of land disputes, legal assistance to agricultural producers
  • Consulting on employment law, drafting internal documents, attorney’s at law assistance in solving labor disputes, consulting on job safety

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Information Technology and Intellectual Property (IT/IP)

For a successful business under present-day conditions it is not enough just to sell a good product or provide quality services, one should also be able to make a name for himself, to distinguish the company from the others. That is why entrepreneurs give a lot of attention to branding their goods and services. Interesting statistics - even branded fuel is sold better than not branded, marked by traditional trademarks. It would seem that what could be simpler - for example, to register a trademark, to create a website with the same name, to expand and establish a network under a single, recognizable brand in the future. Perhaps it would have been simple in the West. Although even there the businesses spend a lot of time and effort on courts with "patent trolls" and "cybersquatters", similarity of goods forms and the patented technologies. In 2015 our country once again was in the US Priority Watch List in the "301 List" of the countries infringing intellectual property rights. As noted in the report of the US trade representative office, three main problem areas stand out in Ukraine:
1) unfair, non-transparent administration of the fundraising system by organizations for collective management of copyright and related rights;
2) widespread use of illegal software in Ukrainian public institutions;
3) lack of an effective fight against infringement of copyright and related rights on the Internet, piracy, inadequate legislation to combat piracy and mediation in the commission of piracy.      Thus, having a business idea it is not enough simply to implement it, as competitors can not only copy it, but can prohibit its use by the author. Therefore, legal support of the enterprise and problems solving before they occur is of great importance.
The attorneys at law of Sokolovskyi and Partners Law Firm provide a wide range of services in intellectual property and information technology sphere, including:
- Registration and help in choosing taxation system for IT companies and natural persons involved in IT sphere;
-Tax optimization for IT companies;
-Legal support of mergers, acquisitions and termination of IT companies, Legal due diligence;  
- Legal regulation of the staff employment or conclusion of civil law contracts to provide services for creation of intellectual property rights, preparation of documents on legal implications of intellectual property rights, works made for hire, preventive actions to protect the interests of the owner and so on.
- Advising on all the issues arising in IP / IT sphere: regarding the protection of intellectual property, as to royalties, as to legal schemes of intellectual property management;
- Protection of copyright and industrial property rights by preparing statements, claims, complaints, statements to institute criminal proceedings, claims submission, interactions with government and law enforcement agencies etc.;
-Creating a non-disclosure in the enterprise; Implementation of personal data protection;
-Copyright registration;
-Registration of trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and inventions.
-Preparation of contracts on creation of intellectual property under order, license agreements, licenses, transfer of exclusive proprietary rights and so on.

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