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In Legal Services since 1999

  • Tax advocacy, tax planning, tax representation, tax disputes, legal assistance during tax checks, appeals of STI decisions
  • Restructuring & Insolvency, optimization of accounts payable and accounts receivable, restore solvency, debt collection
  • Economic disputes, tender laws, contracts, corporate disputes decision
  • Legal assistance of attorneys at law in civil, economic, administrative, criminal proceedings, representation of client’s rights in the European Court of Human Rights
  • Export-import operations counseling, preparation of contract documents, appeal of customs authorities decisions by administrative means and / or juridically
  • Legal assistance during questioning, the defense in the court, appeal of investigator/ prosecutor/ investigating judge actions
  • All-in legal (expert) examination of legal entity business activity in order to determine its fair market prices and the real condition of the assets
  • Support of transactions (M & A) with the analysis of financial, business legal and tax outcome, the choice of the most appropriate legal and economic solutions
  • Development and implementation of anti-corruption programs, the implementation of compliance-procedures, support in the investigation of corruption offenses
  • Consulting on land law issues, the resolution of land disputes, legal assistance to agricultural producers
  • Consulting on employment law, drafting internal documents, attorney’s at law assistance in solving labor disputes, consulting on job safety

Telephones in Kyiv: +38 (044) 495-19-28, 495-19-29



Criminal law

More than forty articles of Criminal Code of Ukraine are devoted to crimes in business field or so-called crimes of “white collars”. Having this “arsenal” of criminal articles law-enforcement and controlling bodies actively use it as a means of influence on businessmen.  

In domestic realias the more successful business the more attention is paid to by both law-enforcement and bad faith management and competitors that sooner or later results in interrogations of officers, searches of premises, forfeiture of property and documents and other measures of provision of criminal proceedings.

After new Criminal Procedure Code becoming effective to initiate criminal proceeding became rather a technical thing than verification of lawfulness of grounds to initiate this proceeding. Pursuant to art. 214 of new Criminal Procedure Code an investigator must immediately initiate investigation after receiving a statement or message about some crime and law-enforcement agents effectively use it to “investigate” crimes in the field of business activity.        

One should mark that attorneys-at-law can protect interests of a person in criminal proceeding pursuant to new Criminal Procedure Code only. Sokolovskyi and Partners Law Firm has 16 attorneys-at-law having excellent theoretical preparation and experience in representation and protection of interests of businessmen during investigation of crimes in the field of business activity.

Our attorneys at law will help to develop a strategy and tactics of successful protection of interests of each participant of criminal proceeding (suspected, accused, defendant, sufferer) on all stages of investigation.

Our main services:

  • Consulting on criminal law and process;
  • Preparation of procedural documents;
  • Representation of clients’ interests during the conduct of investigative actions: examination, search, confiscation (seizure) of property, etc;
  • Clients’ defense in all stages of criminal proceeding(s)
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